About Us


We are #BE360 your regular Action and 360 Camera users, that love taking pictures and video from the things that we do and enjoy.

With your help we are planning to take our dome that makes possible to use 360 cameras underwater with almost perfect stitch, if you have a 360 camera, you know what kind of footage I´m talking about… It just looks bad without an expensive housing.

The idea of this came after a trip of mine to Cancun, I was getting my backpack ready and I didn’t want to carry 2 cameras, I´m a travel light guy besides both were good action cameras (GoPros) so I left my H6 at home, long story short all that day of underwater “360” footage was completely garbage, I wasn’t able to get a single good video or photo underwater with my 360 camera (GoPro Fusion) at the same time, a good friend of mine Alhan was taking dive lessons for his CMAS 2 Star Certification and he also take his 360 camera (also a GoPro) to the lessons and he also notice that the footage was not useful, yes it’s a underwater camera but it’s nothing that you could share on Social Media, one day while we were mountain biking we start to talk on how can we fix this, Alhan with his scuba knowledge start to design something that could work not only for GoPros but any other 360 camera within a size range, go deeper and also I mention that we could have a smaller footprint to make it more portable it would be awesome.

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